Wednesday, 18 November 2015

It's Time To Complete An SEO Audit On Your Website

If your website has been up and running for a while now and you haven't looked into your search engine optimisation (SEO) work since the first few months after it was implemented, it really is time that you sat down and completed an SEO audit. Whilst this might sound like a time consuming and complex process, all you will really need to do is set aside 15 minutes to take a look at your most successful web pages.

Check Meta Descriptions
Every page of your website should have a meta description, which is a short summary of the information that can be found on the page. When completing your SEO audit, you should check these descriptions for the following:

- Length: If your description is longer than 150 characters, some parts may be cut out by the search engines. Make sure your summaries are brief and to the point.

- Unique: The aim of the description is to tell visitors what they are going to read, so make sure that your pages each have different summaries.

Check Page Titles
The page titles of a website is one of the main ways that a search engine gathers information about the content on a particular page. Sometimes people wrongly assume that the first headline on their page is the title but, for SEO purposes, it needs to be in the title tags. When completing your SEO audit, check the titles for the following:

- Unique: The reasoning behind this point is similar to that for the meta descriptions - it provides visitors and search engines with information about the content.

- Length: On their results pages, most search engines only show about 70 characters, so keep this in mind when titling your pages. Get weekly updates related to new SEO techniques; you may land on the given page here for getting safe rank backlinks-

Optimise Anchor Text
Anchor text is the name given to text that has been hyperlinked to take a visitor to another page or website. In terms of SEO, these sorts of links are highly useful when helping visitors to find your website and for telling the search engines what is covered on the page. When completing your SEO audit, look for the following:

- "Click here": Avoid using "click here" as your anchor text wherever possible, as it has absolutely no SEO value and tells the search engines nothing about the linking page.

There are a number of other things you can look at during an SEO audit, including making your images more search engine friendly through the inclusion of alt text and optimizing your calls to action, but the three outlined above can be quickly completed in a few spare minutes. Once you have completed your SEO audit you should begin to see improvements in your ranking very quickly.

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